Dedicated solutions

Improve company management

We specialize in implementing projects that respond to the non-standard needs of our clients. The Aura Business system we offer is a very comprehensive solution that consists of many modules. It is a tool that can support any area of ​​your business. When creating our dedicated solutions, we focus on flexibility and numerous configuration options. Regardless of whether you need just a few of the available solutions or you need something completely new - we can provide you with it. We focus on adapting technology to the vision of your company's development.

Aura Business

The Aura Business system was created to meet the needs of organizations expecting comprehensive solutions that will improve business processes. The system is flexible and complementary to ERP. It is a tool for sales support, marketing and service management. Main system modules include:

  • CRM – enables effective management of the sales process,
  • E-commerce – provides a professional platform for self-service of business and individual clients,
  • Service Management – allows you to effectively manage orders, complaints, customer support or the process of creating products according to individual orders.

We could talk for hours about the possibilities of this solution. We'd be happy to know the problems and needs of your company to offer you the most optimal and effective solution on the market.


Complementary to ERP


Are you interested in our dedicated solutions? Contact us. We'd be happy to talk about the development opportunities for your business.