B2B self-service

Automate sales processes

In the area of sales automation we offer two B2B platforms. The first one is a dedicated solution that, apart from the sales platform, can provide many other possibilities, allowing for comprehensive self-service of business clients as well as management of the entire company. The second one is a ready-to-use system that responds to the standard needs of wholesale companies and which implementation is simpler and faster. Their most important feature is flexibility, and ours - experience in implementing projects for many companies in various industries.

We know that companies at different stages of development need different solutions, which is why we have created two different approaches.

Dedicated B2B platform

Aura Business is a large, complementary to ERP tool supporting sales, marketing and service management. It has numerous configuration and integration possibilities. The system is designed for companies that have non-standard needs. Aura Business is not only an e-commerce solution. The system has many other modules that we can adapt to your company and that will allow comprehensive management of your business.

Ready-to-go system with integrations - Automico B2B

Automico B2B is a ready-to-use solution that will automate your sales. It will allow your customers to shop independently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It will reduce the costs of communication with the customer. Your customers will have access to an attractive and current product offer, information on invoices and settlements, promotions and individual commercial conditions. The platform cooperates with sales and warehouse management software.

Are you interested in our B2B platforms? Contact us. We'd be happy to talk about the development opportunities for your business.