Sales and marketing

Improve your customer relationship management

We know how important cooperation with clients is. We care for a high level of service and good relationships ourselves. It is thanks to the experience gained during cooperation with our clients that we have developed CRM systems that work well at various stages of the company's development. The solutions we offer and constantly improve include those for large, medium and small enterprises. How do we do it? When creating software, we focus on flexibility, which allows us to offer CRM systems ideal for companies with diverse needs.

Dedicated solution for large companies

Aura Business is a comprehensive solution that streamlines business processes. It is a completely flexible and complementary tool for ERP, supporting sales, marketing and service management. This is not only a CRM, because thanks to the great flexibility of the solution you can choose exactly what you need from the many possibilities we offer. If the need arises, we can also create completely new solutions that will support the development of your business.

Do you have custom needs? Do you need integration with other systems? Do you run a large enterprise? Do you care about knowledge and experience? If so, Aura Business is the perfect solution for you. In addition to the solution tailored to your needs, we also offer professional support of our consultants. They are experts in project implementation and deployment of IT solutions in various fields. See how much we can do for your business!

System with ready-to-go integrations - Synergius CRM

Synergius CRM is an extensive CRM system that enables comprehensive sales service. It provides, among others, the ability to manage the sales and offering process, coordinate work and reporting. Of course it is also a coherent base of knowledge about your contractors and products. It also improves internal and external communication thanks to integration with the e-mail client and the built-in messenger.

Its great advantage is the integration with sales and warehouse management systems that your company uses. It is a ready-to-go system that does not require a design approach. Numerous functions and configuration options are something that will provide you with convenient operation and improved sales!

Are you interested in our CRM systems? Contact us. We'd be happy to talk about the development opportunities for your business.